The school uniform is an important part of belonging to Excelsior Academy. It helps pupils present themselves positively, gives them confidence to represent the school and promotes a strong sense of identity.
Excelsior Academy school uniform is available to order from our suppliers Michael Sehgal & Sons Ltd – link.

• White shirt

• School tie

• Grey Academy blazer – this is not optional and must be worn every day

• Black formal trousers (no fashion trousers will be accepted)

• Flat black school shoes (at no time will trainers or leisure shoes/Ugg boots be accepted)

• Optional V neck jumper/tank top

PE Kit



Compulsory – Polo Top, Hoodie, Trackpants and Shorts



Compulsory – Polo Top, Leggings, Hoodie

Optional – Trackpants, Shorts

Equipment & Expectations


As part of our school uniform pupils are expected to bring a bag to carry such items as;
• School bag
• Pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, etc
• PE kit (on PE days)


Hair should be tidy – extreme styles or patterns are not acceptable.


All pupils are assigned a personal locker and issued with a key.

Outdoor coats and winter boots should be kept in the locker during the school day.

Personal Property

Valuable items like jewellery, iPod, MP3 players and cameras should not be brought into school. These items are distracting and can cause difficulties in class, they are therefore not allowed.


No jewellery is allowed except for watches. Body piercing is not permitted and students will be asked to remove the non-uniform item.