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Excelsior Academy is the first All Through School in Newcastle, offering education to pupils from 3 to 19 years of age. All pupils from each of our five small schools have access to the same high quality teaching, exceptional facilities and fabulous resources.

Comprised of three 11 to 16 Secondary schools – Collingwood, Hadrian and Milburn, Rainbird Primary School and Excelsior College Sixth Form, each of our schools have their own purpose built accommodation and are led by their own Principal with their own dedicated teaching, welfare and support staff teams. Our schools within a school model ensures that all pupils are known and cared for and also promotes an ethos of competitive collaboration, which in turn has led to year on year improvement in terms of examination results and positive pupil outcomes.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our work. If you would like to find out more then please get in touch. We look forward to welcoming you to experience our academy life and the exciting opportunities that our pupils enjoy.

Mr D Thornton

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GCSE Results 2019

Exceptional pupil performance underpins Excelsior GCSE success


Teachers have hailed the hard work and tenacity of Excelsior Academy pupils who have scored outstanding GCSE success, in many cases against all odds. Excelsior Academy pupils achieved a record number of 9s, 8s and 7s. Pupils were celebrating their achievements from 9am, with smiles, laughter and even the occasional tear of joy as they opened their envelopes.

Among those celebrating was Samuel Edorodion, who achieved a 77 in science, 8 in Maths, 8 in Computer Science. However, his greatest relief was passing English, where he achieved a 5. Samuel said, ‘I am happy to have passed English and pleased to have done well over all. This has left me feeling confident about the next stage’.  Samuel is going on to study Computer Science, Physics and Maths. His father, Hartley Edorodion said that he was ‘Really happy and proud of Samuel’s achievement.’ Lucy Todd, was also thrilled with her results, having achieved 9s in English Literature and Maths, 8s in Science and Spanish, and a 7 in Art, which she was particularly proud of. She said, ‘I am so happy, it feels good to know the work I put in paid off.’ Lucy singled out her English teacher for particular praise, which was echoed by Kelsey as well.

There were a lot of nerves on show too. Tessy Idemudia, who achieved an 8 in English Literature and 7s in Spanish and History said, ‘At first I was so anxious I couldn’t leave the house, particularly about English literature because of my mocks and because I doubt myself a lot, so now I am so relieved and proud. I spent so much time revising, talking to teachers and my room is covered in flashcards and posters, so it was so good to get my results and I am so proud of myself. Excelsior Academy is an amazing school – people can say what they want to say, but I am glad I came to Excelsior, but the support and guidance from the teachers was outstanding and helped me even when I was at my lowest academically.’ Next year, Tessy will study History, English Literature and Law. 

Angelica Akika, who gained three 8s in English, Maths and Science, as well as getting an A in Italian and a 9 in Spanish, also talked about how nervous she had been ahead of getting her results, saying ‘I never would have thought I’d get this – I thought I’d get mostly sixes, but I exceeded my goals and I’m so happy. These results have given me so many more options, and I am re-evaluating some of my choices because now I know I can do things I didn’t think were possible.’ 

Indeed, some students, like Lucie Cinova, expressed surprise at how well they’d done, saying  ‘I was so nervous to come in, I thought I might have failed, particularly Maths, and I was so scared to open the envelope and then opening it – wow. I never thought I’d get such good grades.’ Lucie achieved a 7 in English Literature and a 6 in Spanish, although she is proudest of her 5 in Maths, a reflection of her hard work. She is studing Law, Psychology, English Language and Sociology next year. Kelsey Hildrew, who achieved a 7 in Spanish, expressed her surprise at gaining such a high mark, saying ‘I am so pleased and surprised, it is such a relief.’ She is going on to study Beauty Therapy. 

Mohammed Rahman, who achieved 8s in Math and History, 7s in English Literature and Sciences, and a 6 in Computer Science, also praised his teachers saying, ‘they provided fantastic support in lots of different ways. I am ecstatic to have gotten the grades I have.’ Jack Ashley, who achieved a 7 in Maths and a Distinction* in his Level 2 BTEC Sport, echoed the sentiment saying that he was ‘chuffed to see my grades and it made it worth the effort.’ Sima Ibrahim, who achieved two 9s in Science and a 9 in History said that seeing her grades made her ‘feel really pleased’ and that she appreciated how proud her teachers and staff at Excelsior Academy were of her as well. 

Liutauras Balciunas also expressed his happiness at his marks for Maths (9), Science (98), and Computer Science (8), but reflected ‘although there’s always a sense that you could have done better in some subjects. I am pleased overall.’ Next year, he’s studying Maths, Computer Science and Media and says his results have left him ‘feeling confident about the future and knowing what I am capable of achieving.  I want to thank all the teachers for helping me achieve.’

And there were celebrations as well among those students who had defied great odds to succeed. Tendai Mitapira said she was ‘feeling happy, relieved – I had been feeling quite stressed as I started school in England in April of 2018 and thought I was going to fail everything, but the teachers’ support made a huge difference and I have gone on to achieve things I did not think I could.’ Tendai gained 5s in English and Science, as well as getting a 4 in Maths and a Distinction in BTEC Sport. Next year she will be studying Health and Social Care.

Executive Principal, David Thornton said: “We are once again delighted with the individual achievements of our pupils, many of whom have achieved top level passes of 9s, 8s, 7s and Distinction*s. The results are a great testimony to the hard work and dedication of both Excelsior pupils and the staff.

“Excelsior serves such a rich and diverse community and the staff work really hard to meet the needs of all the pupils and these results once again demonstrate that if pupils are willing to work hard then anything is possible.”